Tuesday, 17 May 2011

NEW RELEASES: Sealings CS + Fear of Man 7"

2 new releases in the works.

First will be a Cassette EP from Sealings. This will be Ltd to 100 light blue cassettes and ships on 30th May. You can order HERE and listen HERE

After that will be the Debut 7" from Fear of Men. They had a Cassette on Sex is Disgusting with sold out immediately and after playing a bunch of shows now i think a lot of people will agree they are pretty much awesome! You can here that cassette on their Bandcamp page

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Dirty Beaches Golden Desert Sun 7"

Found an extra box of the Dirty Beaches 7" this weekend. Last few remaining copies are available at the store now



Friday, 19 November 2010


Today the latest Audacity and Black Orphan EP's turned up. Both on 7" both awesome.

You can pick em up at the store HERE

Thursday, 28 October 2010



Following on from their debut 12” ‘I Like Triangles’ on Backyard Records, Italian Beach Babes are proud to announce Hounds of Hate second offering the 3 track 12” Head Anthem.

This London trio drop syrupy euphoria hits for the very late night. Their heavy, low-tech sound evokes, in their words, "a synthetic weave stuffed in a floppy drive" or "vaseline smeared on a Trax record". Hounds of Hate have catalogued diverse movements from their tweens by recreating exact sounds and recording techniques from that era. The conflict is in the naivete of their candid homage opposed by their own pessimism and tendency towards irony.

Their Recent US tour saw Hounds of Hate sharing stages with both Caribou and Fuck Buttons while in the UK their hypnotic live shows are attracting more and more fans each time they play out.

A1: Head Anthem
B1: Purple Stuff
B2: Phantasy Re-Up



Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Need to clear some room for new stock so a bunch of records have been reduced. Mainly single copies left of these so wont stick around for long.


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Band Camp

We now have a BandCamp page where you can go and download digital versions of most of the IBB releases. It includes previously OOP releases from Male Bonding, Fair Ohs and the GG Allin 7"


Tuesday, 31 August 2010

GGreen Swimsuit Drugs 7"

Im super into this Sacremento band right now. From the same stable as Ganglians and Eat Skull and probably the same house too.

Noisy, trash, distorted, turned up to 11 punk pop that gets lodged in your braaaiiiinnnnn.


Gay 90's on their myspace page is my favourite right now.

Just got their first 7" in the Distro over here


Thursday, 26 August 2010

MAZES mixtape 3rd pres!!

Been selling LOADS of these. Its now into its 3rd press on pink cassettes. Gonna be selling most of these at Mazes shows from now on but theres 10 in the online store if anybody still wants one.

1st press= Lilac cassettes 50
2nd press= Dark Purple cassettes 50
3rd press= Pink cassettes 50

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Mazes Mixtape Tracklisting

1. Huffing NV
2. Church Street
3. Urgh
4. I Don't Wanna Know
5. Bowie Knife One
6. Shuffle Board
7. A Metric Tower
8. Athens Song
9. What D'Ya Reckon
10. I Don't Know What's Wrong
11. I'm A Smoker
12. No Way
13. Iz It?
14. Checkers
15. Jarin & Jay Don't Like This
16. Sand On Your Neck
17. Munchkins
18. Temperton Tecker
19. Jump
20. Illegitimate Love
21. Urgh x 100
22. Shit Priest
23. Don't Worry Baby
24. Dire Strait's Brothers In Arms
25. Vampire Jive 1
26. Fingers
27. Amelie
28. Eva
29. Till I'm Dead
30. Danny Elfman

Sunday, 18 July 2010

IBB007- Mazes Mixtape

In the tradition of Sebadohs 'The Freed Weed' and the series of Fucked Up mixtapes, Italian Beach Babes will be releasing a 30 track mixtape of covers, acoustic versions, alternative takes, samples and ideas from the band Mazes. Ltd to 50 copies on Lilac cassettes. Available shortly from italianbeachbabes.bigcartel.com

Don't Worry Baby - Mazes by Suffering Jukebox

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

DISTRO: ALE MANIA Cassettes/ Tic Tac Totally 7"s

Excited to get this cassette. Its from the Japanesse label Sixteen Tamborines and compiles both Ale Mania 7"s to date plus a bonus track on it.

Also recieved 7"s on Tic Tac Totally from Fergus and Geronimo, Primitive Hands and Charlie & The Moonhearts

Go get emHERE

Friday, 30 April 2010


Look to the right, see that box about joining a mailing list? Go join it and keep up to date with records as they come into the Distro and as we release them. Cool.


DISTRO: Blessure Grave/ The Bitters

Blessure Grave 'Judged by 12, Carried by 6' LP and The Bitters 'East General' Cassette both now available. Both released on Release The Bats Records


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

IBB005 Blessure Grave Live Cassette

Blessure Grave Live Cassette. 9 tracks recorded on New Years Eve 2009 at The Stork Club Oakland, CA.

Available now HERE

Coming Soon

Monday, 12 April 2010

Dirty Beaches Golden Desert Sun 7"

Super excited to be releasing a 7" from Montreals Dirty Beaches in the coming months, 2 totally psychadellic jams that are gonna take you off to another place.

Blog here: http://dirtybeaches.blogspot.com/

Myspace here: http://www.myspace.com/dirtybeaches

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

DISTRO: New stuff from ZOO MUSIC + VOLAR

From Zoo Music (DeeDee and Brandon of DumDum Girls + Crocodiles)
Got the new Reading Rainbow 7"

Beaters White Hate 7"

From Volar Records

Beaters Fishage 7"

Fresh + Onlys/ Dan melchor split 7"


Saturday, 16 January 2010


Split release with the Italian Beach Babes Label collects eleven bands on one 12".
Artwork by Jesse Spears - http://www.imsosuredude.com/
500 copies with plastic sleeve and doggie insert

Released 10th March 2010

Teen Sheikhs - 'Germs'
Mazes - 'A Metric Tower'
Plug - 'Fresh Pleasures'
Cold Pumas - 'Tropical Guilt'
The Human Race - 'Kicks'
Spectrals - 'It's very kind of you to put up with me'
Graffiti Island - "Perverse Savage'
Male Bonding - 'Carrying'
La La Vasquez - 'Don't Rush Me'
Fair Ohs - 'Christmas Tree'
Not Cool - 'Limbs are for Liars'

£8 Postage Paid - UK
£10 Postage Paid - Rest of World

You can PRE ORDER it now here


Tuesday, 5 January 2010

DISTRO: NEW Captured Tracks Releases

New stuff in from Captured Tracks this week

WILD NOTHING "Summer Holiday" 7"

Emotive and well-crafted hazey pop from a 21-year old Virginian named Jack Tatum. His penchant for wistful melodies and full, gorgeous arrangements show a talent that's not just another bedroom pop one-man band. Debut LP on Captured Tracks coming next year.

LED ER EST "Poll Gorm/Man And Tree" 7"

Led Er Est add an organic and warm element to synth/drum machine-based music, all with good songwriting at it's heart. The a-side is manic and the b-side melodic. These two songs are not on their current LP, and they're two of their best.

SILK FLOWERS "As Above So Below" 12" EP

Six track EP by this current NYC live staple.
Eerie and experimental electronic pop.


Four songs about the summer delivered to you in the early winter. Fuzzy bubblegum 4-track pop. Features members of Crystal Stilts and German Measles. Poster sleeve. Poster life. "The Worst Dressed Band in New York."

Also Re Stock of the Ganglians 7"

Can all be found here



Thursday, 3 December 2009


7" on Group Tightner now in stock

4 tracks

In My Room
Over The Ocean

Make You Mine
Feeling Of Love

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

DISTRO: Captured Tracks Re Stock + NEW Girls At Dawn

Whole bunch of Captured Tracks records showed up today, got most of their current catalogue in stock now as well as the brand new 12" from Girls At Dawn

Saturday, 14 November 2009

DISTRO: M'Lady's releases

New 7"s in from Explode Into Colors myspace

and Bad Thoughts

Both totally awesome in a post punk kinda way

pick em up here

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

DISTRO: New titles on their way

These should be available very soon

Woven Bones Zoo Music EP

Best Coast Art Fag S/T 7"

Beaters Fishage 7"

Freash + Onlys/ Dan melchor split 7"

Best Coast Make You Mine 7"

Charlie and the Moon hearts Drop in Drop Out 7"

Primative Hands Split Mind 7"

Fergus and Geronimo Blind Muslim Girl 7"

Plus re stocks of all captured tracks releases

Saturday, 7 November 2009

IBB003- Male Bonding//Fair Ohs- Live in London Cassette SOLD OUT

All Copies of this cassette now gone. If you in japan Escalator will have some very soon but thats it. Thanks to all who bought one, Blessure Grave next in the live tape series.

DISTRO: New stuff in today

Grass Widow LP on Make a Mess

Traditional Fools LP on Make A Mess (i fucking love this)

Nodzzz- I Dont Wanna (Smoke Marijuana) 7"

Brilliant Colors- 1st 7"

Reading Rainbow/ Eternal Summers Split on Chimney Sweep

Thee Oh Sees- Blood In Your Ear 7" on Rock is Hell


Saturday, 31 October 2009

DISTRO: Flight 10" EP

Just got a handful of these, they came in quite expensive unfortunatly, but the record and artwork rules!

Mississippi’s one-man band Flight is back with his second ever release, a self-titled 10″ EP on Kill Shaman. A perfect medley of 70’s glam, 80’s punk and 60’s psych, Flight applies a fist-pumping lo-fi pop sensibility that is over-distorted, punchy, and punk as fuck. Contains four distinct tracks that completely distinct and kills the inner ear. With the volume turned up to the max, this blown-out and distorted piece of wax will be sure to please any fans of Live Fast Die, Cheap Time, Jesus and Mary Chain and anything else that shreds while maintaining a deeply seeded sense of pop-punk. Think of it as the perfect medium for early 90’s fuzz-gaze and 70’s glam punk.

1. Over My Head
2. My Business
3. Unpredictable
4. Molly, Don’t Fade

Pick it up in the store: here

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

DISTRO: Captured Tracks Releases

Just got a shipment of all the new Captured Tracks releases





CT023 - Grass Widow 12"



All available in the store: here

Sunday, 25 October 2009

DISTRO: Woven Bones "Minus Touch" EP

4 Track 12" EP on Zoo Music Records, the label run by peeps from Crocodiles and Dum Dum Girls. Only 500 of these pressed and already Sold Out from the label itself so grab one quick as we dont have many.

Available in the store: here

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

DISTRO: Pink Reason- Bloodstains AUS tour 7"

On Stained Circles / Fifth Column.
This 7" was released for the Aus tour.
It's three songs, all live.
The A side is an Agent Orange and a Fear song.
The B side is Borrowed Time but slooooooow.
There were 500 pressed.

Available now in the store: here

Monday, 19 October 2009

IBB002 Sold Out

The GG Allin Tribute 7inch is now sold out. BUT. This record was overpressed by 35 copies of which we had no sleeves for.

There are 35 copies of the record available with an alternate cover only available at the italianbeachbabes store: here

Thanks to everyone who bought and enjoyed the record

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Italian Beach Babes Distro

In the coming weeks Italian Beach Babes will begin to distro select labels here in the UK. Currently flying over the atlantic are boxes of records from Captured Tracks, Make a Mess and Zoo Music. As soon as these land they will be available from us and will not cost a small fortune as they currently do on import.




Blessure Grave Live Cassette

Next in the Live cassette series will be San Diego band Blessure Grave, expect a Live cassette from them in the coming weeks.


IBB003- Male Bonding//Fair Ohs- Live in London Cassette

Influenced by Target Video of the 70's & 80's along with the bootleged Rage Against The Machine CD's id buy from the local market as a kid, ItalianBeachBabes will be releasing a series of Live Cassettes.

First up is Male Bonding and Fair Ohs, two of the best and most exciting bands in London right now

50 pressed

Available Here: http://italianbeachbabes.bigcartel.com/

IBB002- Violent & Obscene- A Tribute to GG Allin 7"

A 4 Way split 7" including 4 London bands payting tribute to GG. Features:

Male Bonding- You Hate Me and I Hate You
Fair- Ohs- Automatic
Pens- I Dont Give A Shit
Graffiti Island- Drink, Fight & Fuck

300 Pressed

Available Here: http://italianbeachbabes.bigcartel.com